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Asymmetric Solutions offers a wide variety of courses at skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Each skill is broken down into a pipeline that allows students to start with the basics and advance at their own pace. We believe that a solid foundation is the key to mastering a new skill, and students are encouraged to repeat skill levels as often as needed in order to fully develop their foundation.

Our experienced staff of instructors takes great pride in teaching and watching students develop their skills. We will teach and guide students through this process and the end result will be a skilled, confident shooter with the ability to survive in a defensive situation.

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Individual Skill Development Tactics-Based Training Specialty Courses Medical

Tactics-based training revolves around situations or scenarios that are often highly dynamic and complex. These courses are designed to put students in situations that require teamwork, communication, and the ability to think your way through a problem.

While flat-range training is extremely important in skill development, it does very little to prepare you to successfully negotiate self-defense situations. Students will build upon their skills by learning techniques associated with operating in complex situations.

Students are encouraged to spend the necessary time to develop an adequate level of safety and proficiency with a firearm prior to applying their skills in these courses.

Asymmetric Solutions offers several training opportunities that extend beyond the traditional firearms and tactics-based courses. Each of these courses allows students to build upon what they have learned in previous courses and develop a well-rounded skillset.

Asymmetric Solutions offers medical courses that focus on life saving techniques and patient care in remote environments. These courses are a perfect complement to any of our firearms and tactics courses as well as our Wilderness Survival course. Students will leave with the knowledge and skills necessary to take care of themselves and others in situations where medical care is inaccessible or non-existent.