Tactics-Based Training


Active Shooter and Public Area Threat

Active shooter incidents, individuals acting to kill random victims in a confined area, are on the rise.

While right to carry advocates often note that lives could be saved by an armed citizen, few armed citizens are adequately prepared to cope with the chaos and challenges associated with an active shooter situation.

This course educates students through a combination of lecture and training scenarios designed to promote proper mindset, decision making in chaotic environments, and courses of action during and after an event. Students will leave with a better understanding of how to properly and effectively use their weapon and tactics to spare their own life as well as others.


  • When to draw weapon from concealment
  • Determining location and number of shooters
  • Target acquisition through crowds
  • Communication with victims and emergency services
  • Identifying and link-up with First Responders and Law Enforcement
  • Post incident victim medical assistance
  • Crisis Management



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