Tactics-Based Training


Vehicle Defense

This 8-hour live-fire course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to survive a hostile situation in and around a stationary or moving vehicle. Students will learn proper techniques used to fight from within as well as how to evacuate and maneuver once outside the vehicle.

This course is primarily focused on the use of a pistol however, students may be allowed to incorporate the use of a carbine in certain drills . Carbine use will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Shooters should expect to use approximately 250 rounds of ammunition.


  • Safety in a dynamic environment
  • Employment of weapons from vehicles
  • Vehicle bail-outs
  • Engaging into, out of, and around vehicle
  • Stalled vehicle in hostile environment
  • Use of vehicles for cover


Pistol 2 and Carbine 2

North Florida Schedule

Midwest Missouri Schedule