Tactics-Based Training


Close Quarter Battle 1

This 8-hour close quarter combat training course covers the fundamentals of moving and fighting inside structures using one of our extensive shoot houses.* The course focuses on the basic knowledge and techniques required to successfully negotiate complex problems as an individual or in small teams.

This is NOT a live-fire course. Students will practice dry and may use simunition** to validate tactics.

*Shoot House(s) size and capacity vary with each facility.

**Simunition guns will be provided. Simunition ammo is available for purchase on site.


  • Safety in a dynamic environment
  • Fundamentals of Close Quarter Combat
  • Weapon retention
  • Movement techniques
  • Clearance techniques
  • Moving through doors and doorways
  • Clearing Interior obstacles, storage rooms, and furniture
  • Danger areas and priority of threat
  • Low light considerations


Tactical Pistol 1 and Tactical Carbine 2

North Florida Schedule

Midwest Missouri Schedule