Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Departments as well as individual officers are facing an increasingly challenging environment in which public scrutiny and politics are making it nearly impossible to perform the job. Asymmetric Solutions provides Law Enforcement a broad spectrum of training courses and programs aimed at increasing officer safety and performance, improved readiness, and reduced liability.

Individual Officer Training Special Teams Training Department Training Programs

Asymmetric Solutions is proud to provide Law Enforcement officers with training opportunities. Our courses are designed to instill confidence and proficiency through the development of proper fundamentals while pushing the skill limits of each individual officer. Our belief is that confident officers are better equipped to properly handle high-stress situations.

The majority of our courses are state certified in the local jurisdiction.

Asymmetric Solutions recognizes that specialized Law Enforcement teams need training solutions unique to their individual requirements. We have developed a variety of courses and programs aimed at assisting in the development and sustainment of skills critical to maintaining a well-trained and effective team.

Teams may choose from any number of our pre-established courses or we can work with you to design a customized solution that meets your specific needs.

Asymmetric Solutions partners with Law Enforcement department's to develop customized programs aimed at assisting in officer safety and readiness, community relations, and liability reduction. Each program is built around the departments specific operational and budgetary requirements.

Our courses and programs can be conducted at one of our facilities or a facility of your choosing.