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Law Enforcement Defensive Driving and High-Risk Felony Traffic Stops

The Law Enforcement Defensive Driving course encompasses multiple aspects associated with defensive driving, high-speed pursuits, and high-risk felony traffic stops in which situational awareness, vehicle control, and proper judgement are required to ensure the safety of the general public, the suspect, and the officer. This 3-day course prepares the officer for a worst-case scenario involving paved and off-road high-speed pursuits as well as specific training on vehicle defense techniques in the event the felony stop escalates into a deadly force situation. The course begins with individual skills training and culminates with the students participating in a variety of scenarios designed to evaluate individual skills, tactics, judgement, and overall success.

Students should expect the use of simunition during scenario events as well as physical force associated with restraining a non-compliant suspect

In addition to developing an additional set of skills, or honing those previously learned, students will leave with a better understanding of their personal limitations which will aid in future training and ultimately result in an officer better equipped to safely address these type of situations.


  • This course is MO POST Approved
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • High-Speed Defensive Driving - Improved Surface
  • High-Speed Defensive Driving - Off-Road
  • Vehicle Defense Techniques - Static
  • High-Risk Felony Traffic Stops - Various Scenarios


Individual law enforcement officers, first responders and members of the military, out of gratitude for their service, are invited to contact us here for special pricing.

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