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This 4-day course covers the basic aspects of executive protection. Students will learn concepts and techniques associated with operating as part of a high-threat security detail as well as traditional low-threat executive protection team. This course covers proper, effective, professional tradecraft with an emphasis on effective, interpersonal communication skills over force. By the end of the course attendees will have the knowledge and skillset to successfully operate within a professional executive protection team.

Note: This is not a shooting course.

Required Gear

  • Range Clothing
  • Conservative Basic Suit/2 Ties/Dress Shoes/Two Dress Shirts (White or Light Blue in Color)
  • Business Casual Clothing Weather Appropriate for Current Conditions
  • Handgun, Concealment Holster (No Shoulder Holsters or Cross Draw), Mag Carrier, 3 Magazines
  • Small Flashlight/Extra Batteries (Ex. Surefire, Streamlight)
  • Pocketknife or Multi-tool
  • Cell Phone
  • Pad and 2 Pens
  • Ear and Eye Protection
  • Sunglasses and Rain Gear
  • Small Daypack or Duffle Bag
  • Laptop or Tablet (Optional)
  • Personal Medical Kit (Optional)
  • Sleeping Bag/Sleeping Pad for Barracks


  • Principles of executive protection
  • Intro to threat assessment
  • Mission planning
  • Advances and site surveys
  • Mounted and dismounted movements
  • Contingency operations
  • Final training exercise


Individual law enforcement officers, first responders and members of the military, out of gratitude for their service, are invited to contact us here for special pricing.

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