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Navigating High-Risk Human Encounters
Feb 6-8, 2023

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“Everyone from the instructors to the support staff were highly professional, subject matter experts in their field, and created a positive learning environment throughout. Moreover, they constantly ensured the safety of the all individuals involved. This training definitely rates as some of the best I have done in my 25 years of service.”

-5th SFG, Dive / Maritime Interdiction training pkg, Fall 2021

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Asymmetric Solutions is teamed with industry leading experts in R&D and implementation of the latest technologies and equipment supporting Sub-T, Maritime and other emerging threat environments.

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We are a private Special Operations company that provides comprehensive, stress-induced training and security solutions for military, law enforcement and civilians with an additional commitment to product research and development.

Our full-time operational cadre, DOD approved live fire mobility, breaching, MOUT and full mission profile capabilities are unrivaled.