Department Training Programs

Law Enforcement

Officer Safety, Critical Thinking & De-escalation

Asymmetric Solutions offers a variety of Department-wide training programs intended to improve officer safety, skill development, and community relations using training methodologies derived from U.S. Special Operations and a reliance on knowledge and skills that promote integration, acceptance, and support from those in foreign cultures.

Our Training Programs are cost-effective, scalable solutions to Departments of all sizes and our staff, comprised of current and former members of various Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations units, work with each department to ensure training programs are conducted in accordance with Department policy.

The Officer Safety, Critical Thinking & De-escalation program prepares officers through increased confidence in critical skills, in-depth understanding of the decision making process, and a detailed study of professional behavior and potential consequences.


Individual law enforcement officers, first responders and members of the military, out of gratitude for their service, are invited to contact us here for special pricing.

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