Tactics-Based Training


Travel in Hostile Areas/Basic Escape and Evasion (2-Day)

This eighteen-hour course covers operationally tested methods of improving survivability in hostile environments and escaping them should the need arise. Even in our neighboring countries, American citizens are routinely targeted by threatening elements while traveling abroad. Often foreign governments and local officials fail to assist or present a degree of threat themselves. Participants in this course learn methods of staying grey and unnoticeable, maintaining an awareness of potential threats, dealing with local officials, maintaining operational security with your information, properly securing lodging against threats, and planning for contingencies. The remainder of the class is based on a need to evacuate the hostile environment without being apprehended by threatening forces. This portion of the course covers escape and evasion methodologies, improvised weapons, escape from confinement, covert travel, urban living without resources, transportation procurement, and bug out equipment.

Training Participants will undertake a final scenario that will test their knowledge base and build confidence in their skills. This course is ideal for those who travel in potentially unstable regions or wish to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

If traveling in hostile environments or underdeveloped countries, medical care can often be unreliable. We strongly suggest our Wilderness First Aid or TCCC course as a complement to Travel in Hostile Environments to ensure the additional capability of dealing with medical emergencies when help is unavailable.



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