Tactics-Based Training


Basic Low Light/No Light Tactics

This 4-hour live-fire course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skill required to operate in a low light environment. Students will learn techniques specific to low light engagements as well as continue to apply previously learned skills under realistic, limited visibility conditions. The pistol will be the focused platform in this course. Students should expect to use approximately 200 rounds of ammunition.

Pistols and Carbines may be used in the course after completion of our Level 2 Pistol/Carbine courses.

The focus of this course is the use of white light (hand held, weapon mounted). Night vision devices are not permitted.

*Course start times vary depending on location and time of year. Please check prior to arrival.


  • Safety in a low light environment
  • Light selection and use with the weapons system
  • Target acquisition and discrimination in low light
  • Tactical movement in low light
  • Proper light use in a tactical scenario


Tactical Pistol 1 and/or Tactical Carbine 1

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Midwest Missouri Schedule