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Open Enrollment Dignitary Protection (4-Day)

By the end of this 4-day course, attendees who properly apply themselves will have the knowledge and skillset to capably operate within a professional executive protection team. This course is designed to provide students with a basic overview of skills and knowledge necessary to function as a member of a High-Threat or Executive Protection Detail. Students will spend two days learning and practicing in a controlled environment and two days applying what they have learned in a variety of real-world Full Mission Profiles.

While the majority of skills are covered in the course, it is impossible to address all associated skills or work towards perfecting each particular skill in a four-day course. For students wishing to work in the Protective Security industry, it is highly recommended that you take it upon yourselves to develop the required individual skills through isolated courses such as Pistol, Carbine, E/E, and Medical to name a few.

*This is not a professional certification course and does not guarantee employment in the Protective Services field.

**Students legally qualified to carry concealed may do so during exercises however, it is not required and use of a firearm will NOT be part of the final exercise.

Required Gear

  • Range clothing
  • Conservative Basic Suit/2 Ties/Dress Shoes/Two Dress Shirts (white or light blue in color)
  • Casual clothing - weather appropriate for current conditions
  • OPTIONAL Handgun, concealment holster mag carrier, 3 magazines
  • Small flashlight and extra batteries (ex. Surefire, Streamlight)
  • Pocket knife or multi-tool
  • Cell phone
  • Pad and 2 pens
  • Ear and eye protection
  • Sunglasses and rain gear
  • Small daypack or duffle bag
  • Laptop or tablet (optional)
  • GPS (optional)
  • Personal medical kit (optional)
  • Sleeping bag or sleeping pad for barracks


  • Principles of EP
  • Professional etiquette
  • Introduction to threat assessment
  • Primary team/individual – Structure/Roles/Responsibilities
  • Advance team/individual – Structure/Roles/Responsibilities
  • Mission planning
  • Venue security – special events
  • Route selection
  • Motorcade operation – mobile, arrivals, and departures
  • AOP’s – Mounted/Dismounted
  • Principal recovery
  • Final Exercise Day 1
  • Final Exercise Day 2



North Florida Schedule

Midwest Missouri Schedule