Live Fire Air to Vessel/ Vessel to Vessel SDZ

Only Training Facility with established Weapons Danger Zone (WDZ's) that support Live Fire Close Air Support (CAS), Mini-Gun & Training Rockets in open ocean located parallel to a units line of azimuth for BLS. Real-Time Scenario (Sinking of Pre-Staged, Marked Small Enemy Vessels Approved). This capability is utilized by Units wanting to engage pre-staged enemy patrol boats from mounted weapons on RHIBs, CRRC/Zodiacs, or CAS. Federal/FWC/Local LE Patrol Boats Stage WDZ Perimeter/ WDZ marked by buoys and chemlights. The Live-Fire SDZ is located 3 nautical miles offshore NFSW BLS at 6500 meters with 30 deg arcs. Start / Stop firing zone is 200 meters wide providing additional movability and increased realistic training value.

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