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Active shooter situations have become an unfortunate reality in today's world and Law Enforcement across the country have adopted various plans and strategies to address these situations. While many strategies currently employed by Law Enforcement, and taught in various institutions, are vital in standardizing response procedures and account for many lives saved, they are typically tailored for unarmed civilians with little, or no training and rely on Law Enforcement to stop the threat. Response time is critical in Active Shooter situations and although a trained response team is preferable, it is likely that an individual officer will be the first on scene and first available to prevent further harm or loss of life of innocent civilians.

Our 8-hour Law Enforcement Active Shooter course is part lecture and hands-on practical application and covers the nuances of dealing with an active shooter incident as an individual officer or two-man team.


  • Active Shooter Response
  • Communication and link up with other responders
  • Locating threats
  • Crisis management
  • Environment preservation
  • Priority of care
  • Target discrimination and shooting in crowds
  • Preventing Officer on Officer shootings




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